Basic Tour – Discover Cluj

Special Tour 2-3 hours Availability: 2018
Cluj-Napoca City Tours

2-3 hour walking tour through the historic center of the city including visits to the main churches, squares and monuments.
Besides the important monuments and sites we will focus on the unknown but significant and interesting details of the buildings, sites and monuments. Of course these details will be presented in a way to be digestible for everyone spiced with anecdotes about people who lived and are living here in order to feel better the atmosphere of Cluj.

cca. 2-3 hours
on request it can be longer or shorter or focused on special places

Our basic price is 10 EUR/person, but the final price depends on the number of the participants.

minimum 5 persons

the group will be led by a professional guide

  • Guided tour
  • Tour guide for 2-3 hours

By common agreement, the program can be modified according to the needs of a group!


Basic Tour – Discover Cluj
Union Square-Főtér – the largest and most important squares in the city – St. Michael’s Church, the statue of Mathias Corvinus, Bánffy Palace, Rhédey Palace
Museum Square-Óvár – Matthias Corvinus House, Franciscan Church, Carolina Obelisk …
The center of the intellectual life of Cluj – Babeș-Bolyai University, Wolfsstreet Reformed Church, Teleki Palace, Statue of St. George
Hazsongard Cemetery – one of the oldest public cemeteries of Europe reveals for the visitors 500 years from the city’s life, where the famous people of Cluj-Kolozsvár have become immortal through their selfless deeds


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