Szabó Csaba

“The biggest experience which can happen with a person is to contemplate on and to understand in some degree the harmonic elegance of nature. When this happens we contemplate on something which is infinitely bigger than our consciousness. Such a balance and quietude can result only from the contact with the sublime.”

autor: Selye János


Only those can feel the truth of the thought of the above quote, who can leave behind for a moment the rush which is present in our everyday life, and who can look around in the peaceful nature. And also those, who are able to discover the delight of the colorful flowers, the dewdrops blinking on the cobweb, the messages of the chatty creek.

After a successful climbing it is a unique experience to see on people’s face that they are pleased, while they are looking around, because they have succeded to break the false walls which they have built before.

It is an incredible experience to pleasue somebody and it is an extarordinary feeling to change a little bit the hurried life of our tourists. Perhaps we can change a little bit the world, too.

This is something to live for, this is a form of life, a creed.