Our Mission

According to a legend God created Transylvania when He was in a good humor: He set together the mountains, valleys, forests and fields and scattered the land with various nations, with life and joy.


The Mercurius Info Tour was founded in 2003 with the goal being to organize a large variety of trips in Transylvania, Romania with professional guides. The team-members of the Mercurius Info Tour are young and dedicated Transylvanian intellectuals who besides their higher education have great experience in tourism.
Our goal is to guide you through the country showing the cultural values and natural wonders, cities with a unique look, small villages where you feel like stepping back in time, mountains and hills with mighty intact forests,  natural phenomena,  quite unique in the whole world  and people living in transition between the old traditional  and modern lifestyles . We don’t want just to show you – we would like you to  truly experience the  life  in  this changing, unique spot of the world through different ways best suited for you. You can choose one of our programs or you can just use them as examples and according to your request we can organize your tailor-made trip in Transylvania travelling with buses, cars, bicycles or with train.


Our motto is: Tour and Culture in Transylvania