Guided Tours in Transylvania

Tour Guide Service


Our team is made of professional guides:

  • They are from Transylvania and they are speaking the Romanian and the Hungarian language on a high level
  • They have high professional qualifications
  • Their knowledge about local sights is very accurate
  • Their mission is to share with tourists all of their knowledge about Transylvania
  • They obtained experience in tourist guidance in the latest years
  • They are familiarized with the routes between locations which should be visited
  • They have precise information about parking and other important facilities, like exchange offices, and for example who needs to be called to open up churches; so they are working based on specific screenplay and they can act promptly and precisely in difficult situations. Also they are supported by our agency who offers help immediately if that is required.
  • They are trustworthy regarding the time management
  • They sustain that they are in service for the tourists and not vice versa
  • They can easily comply with the tourists´ requirements
  • They increase the beauty and the variety of the journeys using quotes from Romanian, Hungarian and Saxon literature and sharing music which are representative for the visited location
  • We organize tours for groups, families or individuals for the entire period of the journey and we can help if our tourists would like to visit a city separately as well.
  • We adapt promptly to your requirements and demands. We organize guided sightseeing tours in Cluj-Napoca at any time.


Our prices are the following:

Guided tour Period of time Price
Sightseeing in Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár 2-3 hours 60 EUR
Sightseeing for a day or tour guide in Transylvania a day 100 EUR *

* The price does not include: travel costs, breakfast and one hot meal/day,  accommodation for the guide